Harvey Milk's Clown Hat
Sal and Paul 50th Anniversary
The beauty of nature spoiled by plastic
Who says tulips are boring?
 Lt. Col. Alkema is pinned his new rank on taking command of The 48th Highlanders by his wife, Capt. Darling and the 32 Brigade Commander.
 The ceiling centre in the Parliamentary Library, Ottawa.
 St. Mary’s Advance Dressing Station Cemetery, Haisnes France.
 The signed portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, Colonel-in-Chief of The 48th Highlanders of Canada was unveiled in March 2018. One year after the sitting at Windsor Castle. The portrait celebrates the platinum anniversary of HM as C-in-C.
 The Diamond Jubilee stained glass window outside the chambers of The Senate of Canada. There is a large chandelier in the centre, so this is a blending of a number of photos to remove it.
 Commander of the Canadian Army, Lt. General Wynnk visited as the 48th Highlanders played host to Air, Army and Sea Cadet corps from around Ontario for the Captain George W. Elms Tartan shoot. 
 Honourary Colonel Scott, Colonel Elms and Lt. General Wynnk   
 The General fielding questions from young cadets.
 With the Elms trophy.
 I so wanted to get a photo looking through the scope, but when they're competing you can't really ask them to make your photo work the way you'd like!   
 The personal standard of HM The Queen at Buckingham Palace the night before my audience where I presented the finished portraits taken in March to The Queen in a private audience with Her.
 Presentation of my official portrait of Her Majesty the Queen wearing Her 48th Highlanders brooch to the outgoing Honourary Colonel Elms here with the incoming Honourary Colonel Scott. Colonel Elms decades of service to Canada have inspired countless men and women around the world wherever he has served. Like many in the 48TH he is the third generation of Elms to serve.
 The Moon on New Years Eve
 Sunset from our bedroom balcony. Love the sun this time of year.
 Warm sunset on a bitterly cold winters night
 95 year old WWII veteran Herb Pike with Colonel Beal. Herb helped liberate Holland and is a favourite Canadian of the Dutch Royal Family. Colonel Beal's book on the 48TH is the greatest history of the Regiment.
 We have lift off
 Too many options at this buffet!
 A ship full of cement mix heads out on the Great Lakes.
 God has left the building
 Climb the golden stairs
 Toy soldiers from the collection of the Hon. Hal Jackman, OC., OOnt.,CD
The flag of The Royal Canadian Navy
Aboard HMCS Toronto
Signal flags aboard HMCS Toronto
 Ooops I may have ordered a pepperoni pizza! 
 HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands is greeted by Honourary Colonel Elms to St Andrews Church, Toronto.   Princess Margriet of the Netherlands  (Margriet Francisca; born 19 January 1943) is the third daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. HRH was born in Ottawa in a hospital room made property Holland for the birth. Princess Margriet is the sister of the beloved Queen Beatrix and an aunt of the reigning monarch, King Willem-Alexander, she is a member of the Dutch Royal House of Orange and currently eighth and last in the line of succession to the Dutch throne.  Princess Margriet has often represented the monarch at official or semi-official events. Some of these functions have taken her back to Canada, the country where she was born de facto, and to events organised by the Dutch merchant navy of which she is a patron.
 Second World War Veterans who helped liberate Holland await the arrival of HRH
 Veterans and Officers await the arrival of HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands.
 Hon. Col. Elms explains the Regimental Colours on display to HRH 
 Princess Margriet of the Netherlands examines the medals and mementoes of Col. Marshall commander of the 48th Highlanders who was killed in Holland. A hero to the 48th to this day. HRH saw these on her way into the 48th Museum and stopped to look at them in closer detail as she was leaving.   For information on the museum click here:  http://www.48highlanders.com/04_03.html
 Princess Margriet of the Netherlands shares a laugh with the Dutch Ambassador and Col. Beal (Ret) 
 HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands signs the 48th Highlanders Museum visitor book as her husband learns about the Vimy Cross, currently on loan to the Vimy Ridge Canadian Visitors and Education Centre in France.
 Friends, Romans, Countrymen....lend me your heads!
 Effigy of H.M. The Queen on Canada's new Polar Medal
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