Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, outside Clarence House. 4th August 1988. This portrait hangs in the Veterans Wing foyer of the Parkwood Hospital, London. 
 This was slipped under my hotel room door the morning after being introduced to The Queen at a private reception She hosted in Quebec City in October 1987. The youngest in the room by about 30 years, my friend Her Assistant Private Secretary said I'd be someone he would introduce. We chatted for 10 minutes about a variety of topics.
 Her Majesty The Queen in Trois Rivieres Quebec. October 1987. 
 I didn't take many photographs with Diana in them, but I did give Prince Harry some of him with her and The Queen Mother when he was in Toronto last year. This is Diana going back into the back garden at Clarence House after The Queen Mother's 91st Birthday. Look at her shadow next to Prince Charles'.   
Copyright Ian Leslie Macdonald 1984 Toronto.jpg
 Packaging cards to celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday, and the 125th Anniversary of the forming of The 48th Highlanders of Canada. Good thing I didn't have to sign them all!
 Her Majesty's last visit to Canada. 2010
 S/W corner of Buckingham Palace
 On catching Sir Noel Coward staring at a soldier, The Queen Mother told him "Noel, they count them when they put them away at night".
 A real spitfire!   
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