A CC-130J Hercules from 8 Wing Trenton about to refuel two CF-188 Hornets
 Canada's world famous Snowbirds with a 2017 'Canada 150' decorated CF-188 Hornet fighter jet
 The RCAF's first band mace
 The Current Drum Major's RCAF Mace 
 Practicing before trooping the new Colours with horse blankets
 A young Captain
 The arrival of His Excellency, The Governor General of Canada and Mrs Johnston
 The Governor General taking the Vice Regal Salute
 The Governor General addresses those assembled to speak about the contributions of the RCAF since World War I
 Her Majesty The Queen's Colours are uncased alongside the new RCAF Colours for the first time
 The RCAF's new Colours are placed on the drum alter for a blessing by 3 military clergies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths
 Her Majesty The Queen's Colours and the new RCAF colours are paraded before all assembled troops for the first time
 The Colour Officer holding the new Colours of the Royal Canadian Air Force. They feature maple leafs at each corner facing outward
 Honorary Lieutenant General Richard Rohmer.  While active in World War II, while flying he noticed a fast moving car and reported it. It turned out to be the hunted and dreaded 'Desert Fox' Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Rohmer reported the car's location to Group Control Centre, which sent in a Spitfire piloted by Canadian Charley Fox. Rohmer took part in D-Day and the Battles of Normandy, Belgium and Holland. He is the Senior Canadian Veteran of all of those Battles.
 The view above Snowbirds with Canada 150 CF-188 Hornet. Photo by RCAF
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